“The people of Worsbrough Common deserve better than this”
WCCA was set up in 2000 to bring about a better quality of life to the community.

Revd.Judith Trickett, then vicar at St. Luke’s Church, invited the residents of Worsbrough Common to a meeting to discuss the anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood surrounding The Vine Tavern, Mount Close flats and the Church. From that meeting we started a Residents Group and named it Worsbrough Common Community Association

Worsbrough Common was in the top 2% on the index of deprivation and the area suffered greatly from antisocial behaviour, street crime, vandalism, graffiti etc. The Association set about to provide children and young people with activities and equipment in an attempt to keep them off the streets, to provide a better quality of life to our elderly community and also to motivate families to have pride in the area and get involved in their community.

WCCA has played a significant part in the following achievements:

-The Vine Tavern demolished
-Mount Close flats demolished
-Crime reduced dramatically
-I.C.T. Centre built
-Funding partly in place to build football changing rooms on Top Rec
-3 family parties held per year at Highstone Road Club
– Summer Fun Day on Top Rec.

WCCA has played a big part in the Worsbrough Common Regeneration Programme.